Saddle Sore Blues

Music from Way Out West

Blue Bhikku Records

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Thinkin' Outside the Corral Tom Poley 4:12  
Saddle Sore Blues Tom Poley 3:50  
Inspired by Montana Tom Poley 3:33  
The Train to 'I Don't Care' Tom Poley 4:21  
The Inn at the End of the Trail Tom Poley 3:26  
Yeeh! What a Ride! Slim Rost 3:17  
The Rowel Tom Poley 3:18  
Cowboy Caravan Tom Poley 4:46  
Pawned My Saddle Slim Rost 3:39  
Spring Fever in the Rockies Tom Poley 4:26  
Bacanora Tom Poley 4:02  
Ths Last Shirt You Wear Tom Poley 3:58  

Saddle Sore Blues

Songs from the Saddle Sore Blues CD are getting airplay across the US and globally!

The unique writing and arranging of the Way Out West crew is taking Western music in a new direction, one of them is "bordergrass", and you'll hear banjo on Yeeha! What a Ride!

Another direction is the Django, gypsy jazz guitar or Oliver Waitze on Cowboy Caravan.

And all that, while keeping one foot in the traditional Western style, and tapping, with songs like Inspired by Montana and Inn at the End of the Trail. It's all here on this great CD!