Poke Songs and Pony Tales: Volume 1

Blue Bhikku Records presents:

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Heartbrake Emmie Creigh 3:51  
Thinkin' Practical Slim Rost 3:05  
Splittin' Hairs Tom Poley 2:48  
Waltz for Arizona Cozy Sheridan 3:10  
Night Ride Tom Poley 5:11  
Gin and Cheese Chaser Slim Rost 2:16  
Cellular Cowboy Tom Poley and Emmie Creigh 3:16  

Way Out West, Poke Songs and Pony Tales, Heartbreak, Thinkin' Pracrtical, Splittin' Hairs, Watltz for Arizona, Night Ride, Gin and Cheese Chaser, Cellular Cowboy
Poke Songs and Pony Tales: Volume 1
by Way Out West is a collection of songs and poetry that have made Way Out West poplular with cowboy and Western audiences!