I'm Moving Stefan George 2:23
I'm Out on the Street Again Stefan George 2:42
How Blue Can One Boy Get Stefan George 4:22
Southern Pacific Stefan George 2:33
Wrong Side of Life Stefan George 3:15
Walk On Brownie McGhie 3:19
Cloud of Dust Stefan George 3:29
My Old Friend the Blues Steve Earle 2:51
Cold Fish Sandwich Stefan George 3:54
Willy's Waltz Stefan George 3:48
The Wonder Bar Stefan George 3:39
Way Back Home Stefan George 3:45
Love Me Well or Not At All Stefan George 3:23
Blue Stefan George 3:35
Thanks Stefan George 3:14
Uke Lullaby Stefan George 2:13

  • Stef's Point and Pray  is a series of duets or musical intersections. A lot of spectacular guests appear on this recording. The songs are listed in the order in which they were recorded. Most of the recording was done "live", face to face, in one take. The songs were written by Stefan with the guest artist in mind, often the night before the session. The recording was done on big, old fashioned mic's, recorded on two inch tape, and mixed with a minimum of studio "tricks", to capture a spontaneous "back porch" feel and ambiance.  
    Guest include, but are not limited to:

    Steve James
    Peter McLaughlin 
    Tom Ball
    Kristina Olsen 
    The Molly's