As Soon As It Stops Raining

Bernice Lewis 2:52   
Isle Of Spirit Bernice Lewis 3:29   
Red Cowboy Boots Bernice Lewis 2:20   
Clear Texas Morning Lewis/Keller 3:58   
When The Rivers Had No Names Bernice Lewis 2:21   
Down River Lewis/Keller/
Bridges That Hold Bernice Lewis 3:41   
Even The Sky Bernice Lewis 2:48   
Ways To Survive Bernice Lewis 4:08   
Moses And Me Bernice Lewis 4:01   
All The Time In The World


Bernice Lewis 4:09   

Isle of Spirit
Bernice Lewis is based in New England, and tours the country regularly. She was a Kerrville Folk Festival performer in 1994 and 1996, and had one of her songs featured on the Peter, Paul & Mary PBS Special. Bernice offers a contemporary songwriting course at Williams College, and teaches during the summer at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, NY. She has studied vocal improvisation with Bobby McFerrin, and guitar technique with Alex DeGrassi and Guy Van Duser. Originally from Boston, Lewis lived in the Southwest for seven years. Her career has also included hosting a weekly radio program.