Granddaddy’s Cabin

Music from Out of the Blue

Blue Bhikku Records

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Love, Please Come Home Leon Jackson 2:12    
Granddaddy’s Cabin Emmy Creigh 2:59   
Finally Goin’ Home Tom Poley 2:26    
Heartbrake Emmy Creigh 3:10    
Whisper In A Storm Tom Poley 3:12    
It's All Over Now B & S Womack 2:21    
She's the One William Rost 3:41    
Northern Lights William Rost 2:45    
How Will I Know Emmy Creigh 3:16   
Hard Time With Goodbyes Tom Poley 2:55    
Waltz For Arizona Cosy Sheridan 3:12    
This Morning At Nine Sid Campbell 2:17    
Flying South Cindy Walker 2:01    

Granddaddy's Cabin CD cover, Out of the Blue, banjo, cabin

Out of the Blue is noted for their contemporary approach to bluegrass, yet their love of traditional aspects of the music is apparent throughout Granddaddy's Cabin. The recording highlights the band's creative arrangements, straight-on instrumental solos, and tight vocal harmonies. Featured are an inspired, souped-up romp on the soul classic "It's All Over Now" and an explosive version of "Flying South." The eight originals highlight a variety of themes, from the fond homage of the title track to the spry "Finally Goin’ Home," an existentialist rumination on death.