Trickster and the Sage Sid Hausman 1:46  
Los Estados Unidos Sid Hausman 2:42   
November Moon Sid Hausman 3:26   
White Water Run Sid Hausman 2:02   
Geronimo's Land Sid Hausman 2:42   
Skinwalker Sid Hausman 2:01   
Tesuque Cakewalk Sid Hausman 2:45   
Land of the Shalako Sid Hausman 2:45   
Hard Times Haunt the Plains Sid Hausman 3:01   
Cinders and Smoke Sid Hausman 2:34   
Gypsy Banjo Sid Hausman 3:02   
The Memories Belong to Me Sid Hausman 2:56   
Reride Willy Sid Hausman 2:56   

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This is the CD that contains "November Moon" and "Los Estados Unidos", two of Sid's tunes that form the backdrop for the critically-acclaimed 2006 documentary "Cochise County USA - Cries from the Border" by Filmmaker Mercedes Maharis.

The 13 songs on Geronimo's Land were written by true-blue working wrangler Sid Hausman and performed by Sid and friends on 6-string and 12-string guitar, banjo, and bass, with an occasional dobro and fiddle. From the opening "Trickster and the Sage," which is the Native American story of a dialogue between an owl and a coyote, to the rodeo favorite "Reride Willy," Sid redefines Western music to include songs from our Indian and Spanish, as well as frontier, predecessors. "Geronimo's Land" and "Land of the Shalako" describe the eerie landscape where Geronimo once ruled, and "Cinders and Smoke" tells the story of the narrow-gauge line as it runs through the Rockies.