Cowboy Christmas

Music from Way Out West

Blue Bhikku Records

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Cowboy Christmas Tom Poley 3:14  
Here Comes Santa Claus G. Autrey & O. Halderman 1:59  
This is Christmas Slim Rost 3:93  
Night Ride Tom Poley 5:07  
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus O. Gillespie & F. Coots 3:00  
Not Only for December Tom Poley 4:24  
Roses for Rosey Tom Poley & Duncan Stitt 2:55  
Another List Tom Poley 4:24  

Poke Songs and Pony Tales Volume 2: Cowboy Christmas CD cover
Let Way Out West help you ease into that Christmas spirit, Cowboy style, with some familiar and soon to be familiar Christmas songs!

We enlisted our favorite studio musicians to add some spice to the cider of these songs, and had a holly, jolly time doin' it!