Visitor's Day Stefan George 3:24
Queen of Sixth Avenue Stefan George 4:04
Pretty Wild Thing Stefan George 4:21
Rubio's Women Stefan George 3:07
Diamond Black Stefan George 4:19
City of Rocks Stefan George 2:58
Big Shoulders Stefan George 4:43
Parking Lot Joe Stefan George 2:52
Midnight Minus One Stefan George 3:05
Crime Doesn't Pay Stefan George 4:59
The Lights of Lordsburg Stefan George 3:14
Sunset Road Stefan George 3:35


City of Rocks

City of Rocks, Stefan George's newest release, is further testament to this sagacious poet's powerful alchemy. It is a collection of 12 portraits, real-life dramas, and lost horizons rendered in song by Stefan and performed by him and his band Songtower. Like the little state park in southern New Mexico referred to in the title, the album is a gathering of souls set in stone, curiously isolated yet somehow bonded, belonging to each other..