Down on the Ol' Bar None

Music from Way Out West

Blue Bhikku Records

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Who's Your Sidekick Tom Poley & Slim Rost 3:12  
Liquid Moonbeams Tom Poley 3:53  
Chicletista/Clown Car Polka Tom Poley / Kevin Shramm 5:10  
Arizona April Emmy Creigh 4:10  
Cowgirl Coffee Tom Poley 1:07  
Viva Chihuahua! Traditional 3:05  
Arizona Moon Slim Rost, Emmy Creigh & Tom Poley 4:19  
Homes, Homes on the Range Tom Poley 5:04  
Adios to the Cowboy Slim Rost 2:10  
Steerwrestler's Thinkin' Slim Rost 3:30  
Hindsight Tom Poley 4:54  
Pancho Villa Slept Here Tom Poley 4:16  
Down on the Ol' Bar None Tom Poley 3:03  
Homes, Homes Reprise Tom Poley 1:18  

Down on the Ol' Bar None CD cover
This CD is Way Out West at it's best! Featuring great songs from three fine writers plus a lineup of Tucson's finest musicians to add their magic touch to the music!

If you want cowboy poetry, listen to Hindsight and Cowgirl Coffee. If you like border music, dance to the accordion on Pancho Villa Slept Here and Chicletista. If you like dead-ahead Western, you'll rock in the saddle to Adios to That Cowboy and Arizona Moon!