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Arm and Hammer

A La Carte by Arm & Hammer offers up a sizzling menu of delectable tunes rendered with hammer dulcimer and acoustic guitar and garnished with lap steel, bouzouki, violin, and cello (with some stellar guest appearances).

Arm and Hammer is Anna Duff and Stefan George. "George is the consummate partner. Where assuming the traditional accompanists role, he andorns his lines with minor inflections that color the tune in amazing ways. And Duff is willing to share the spotlight, allowing George to demonstrate his finger-picking prowess . . ." Dan Buckley, Tucson Citizen.

A La Carte

Singout! hailed it as "a lovely debut recording," while Dirty Linen rated it "highly recommended."

From the traditional "The Almaine/Childgrove" to the dreamy "Necropolis," the melodies are served up with plenty of style and grace. "Spider Bite" is an old-time blues-style number with delicious guest fiddling from Heather Hardy, while "Jersey Cow" is an absolutely scrumptious waltz that highlights Stefan's finger picking prowess. "Texas Quickstep" sizzles with Stefan's lap steel, and "Dubuque" shows off the "mountainy" side of the hammer dulcimer.