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Arm and Hammer

The Almaine/ChildGroove Trad. 3:10  
Jersey Cow Stefan George 2:48  
Spider Bite Stefan George 2:30  
Texas Quickstep Trad. 2:38  
Excessive Speed Stefan George 3:08  
Beulah's Rant Stefan George 2:12  
Balada Para Adelina Paul Senville 2:44  
Dubuque Trad. 2:30  
Coral Waltz Gail Gowing 3:17  
Mi Casita Trad. 3:11  
Whiskey Drummer Stefan George 2:38  
Slider's Waltz Stefan George 2:38  
Jerusalem Ridge Bill Monroe 3:40  
Necropolis Stefan George 2:22  

A La Carte
by Arm & Hammer offers up a sizzling menu of delectable tunes rendered with hammer dulcimer and acoustic guitar and garnished with lap steel, bouzouki, violin, and cello (with some stellar guest appearances).

As the Tucson Citizen says, "Duff is a master at her instrument and George is one of the most facile and versatile accompanists. They energize each other in a very special way."