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Way Out West can take you out and to the West with their classic songs of cowboys, songs of Hollywood's singing cowboys, and their own mix of cowboy and Western tunes played with a bordergrass sound!

You can hear some of Way Out West's music from the links, below, and to hear the latest from Tom Poley's pen, check out If They'd Only Won !

Way Out West is Emmy Creigh, guitar and vocals; Slim Rost, bunkhouse bass and vocals; and Tom Poley, banjo, guitar and vocals.

Tyrone Cowboy Music and Poetry Festival
Poke Songs and Pony Tales: Volume 1 CD

Blue Bhikku Records proudly presents the first CD by Way Out West! It's a fun collection of Western music and cowboy poetry by Tom, Emmy, and Slim.

You'll hear original songs by the trio, like Cellular Cowboy, a tribute to the newer tools of a cowboy, and Night Ride, a cowboy Christmas song. And Heartbrake, a Way Out West classic, comes to life with a border-accordion sound!

Check out Poke Songs and Pony Tales: Volume 1

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Saddle Sore Blues CD

Songs on the Saddle Sore Blues CD are another step in the evolution of Way Out West towards defining "bordergrass" as a living genre of Western music!

You'll get traditional Western music with a campfire banjo in Pawn My Saddle, gypsy jazz and Django guitar in Cowboy Caravan, foot tapping swing in Inspired by Montana, and a gunfighter ballad in the Marty Robbins style in Train to "I don't Care"!

It's all on the Saddle Sore Blues CD!

Down on the Ol' Bar None CD

Down on the Ol' Bar None is a blend of serious and whimsical songs from the Way Out West writing team. And they've brought in wonderful southern Arizona "sidemen" to join in the recording fun!

There's straight ahead Western music (Arizona April, Adios to That Cowboy, and Arizona Moon); there's Western humor that touchs on today's border issues (Down on the Ol' Bar None and Chicletista); and there's some bordergrass with Kevin Schramm on button and piano accordions and Chip Curry singing the Mexican folk song, Viva Chihuahua!

Listen to cuts from Down on the Ol' Bar None and have a look at the lyrics.

Poke Songs and Pony Tales Volume 2: Cowboy Christmas CD cover

Poke Songs and Pony Tales: Volume 2 will ease you into the Christmas Spirit with some familiar tunes, like "I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" and soon to be familair tunes like "This is Chrismas". Put yourself into a Way Out West Christmas feeling with this CD!

Fill your Christmas with Cowboy Christmas!