Angelo Joaquin, Jr.
Waila Festival Director
MC  Angelo Joaquin, Jr.
Ten in One (Waila) Crow Hang
MC Angelo Jaoquin, Jr.
Dream Cloud Chote Crow Hang
Quiero Que Sepas (Waila) Crow Hang
MC Debra Narcho
"A" Minor Cumbia Santa Rosa Band
No Sabemos Polka (Waila) Santa Rosa Band
MC Ofelia Zepeda
Pan Tak Special (Mazurka) San Xavier Fiddle Bank
MC Ofelia Zepeda
Waila Jam Band "D"
MC Angelo Jaoquin, Jr.
Chote Jam Band "D"
MC Angelo Joaquin, Jr.
Viva Sequien Polka (Waila) Papago
Sufras Porque Te Quiero (Chote) Papago
Comments by Band Leader Ben Jose
El Aņo Viejo (Cumbia) Papago
MC Jim Griffith
MC Ron Joaquin
Ranch Hand (Mazurka) Desert Suns
Waik Waila Desert Suns
MC Angelo Jaoquin, Jr.
On and On Chote Desert Suns
Final Remarks Angelo Jaoquin, Jr.




Dancing in the Dust - the Waila Festival Live!

Waila (why-la), or "chickenscratch" as it is sometimes called, is true AMERICANA.Waila is the traditional social dance music of the Tohono O'odham nation, a wonderful group of Native Americans who live west of Tucson, Arizona.

The historic recording presented here was recorded live at the 1997 Waila Festival in Tucson by KXCI 91.3 FM, who helped produce this project.
The Tohono O'odham, like their fellow Native Americans in the West, were incredibly adept at adapting to diversity and changes. As you listen to this music, you will hear how the Tohono O'odham ancestors confronted the invasion of western European music, embraced the inevitable, and incorporated the hybrid into their traditional life styles and ceremonies.
Everyone should listen to this music. From it you can come away with two things:

One: you can learn more about American history.

Two: changes are inevitable - a person can either roll over and quit or adapt and survive. This music is testament to how the Tohono O'odham changed with their environment and flourished.

This is positive, "grounded to the earth" inspiration.