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Hi, folks, I'm Slim and this is the Way Out West "On the Trail" web page. We're personally honored that you dropped by to visit our site and see what we've been up to! This page starts with the more recent events and moved, steadily, into the past.

Upcoming events are the Tombstone Western Music Festival and Christmas appearances at Tohono Chul Park in Tucson! For the latest on where we are appearing, check out our schedule. And, now, for recent news ...

Saturday, August 20, 2011 We’re excited to be playing a concert with Katy Creek (Nancy and Wes Rybal and special guests) in Silver City, New Mexico. The historic Silco Theater, built in 1923 and recently restored, is the venue. How fun!! It would be great to see you – an overnight in Silver City shouldn’t set you back too much (cram all your friends into one room!). The photo below is from the Tyrone Cowboy Music and Poetry Festival (a few miles outside Silver City) from a year ago:

Tom, Em, and Slim at Tyrone, NM

July 2011 Thanks to everyone who came out to participate in our very first video filming party at the Boondocks in July! What a blast! We’re finishing up the videos and recordings and will post them soon.
Speaking of recordings, we’re putting the finishing touches on our 2011 CD, Saddlesore Blues. We’ve got some brand new songs that are just chomping at the bit to be heard. Amazing local musicians helped fill in the sound with everything from violin to trumpet. We’re very excited about it and know you will be, too! Be looking forward to an upcoming CD release party, for sure.

January 2011 What a fun time, putting on a show at the SaddleBrook Performing Arts Center in SaddleBrook, AZ with two of our favorite performers, Baxter Black and Dave Stamey! We had a great time and enjoyed playing for the folks who came in for both shows! Here's a backstage photo we enjoy having in the scrap book.

SaddleBrook 2011

March 2008 - Way Out West at Javalina's Coffee House. Bonnie Vining, proprietor, started a few years ago to give Tucson's many original songwriters a place to display their wares. At Javalina's Coffee House, you won't hear cover tunes; you'll hear nothing but original songs! This past Saturday, the weather was Spring perfect for an outdoor, evening performance. Bob Block was there getting shots of the group! Thank Bob for the following ...

Tom and Em on the mike

Sharon and Jerry H. dropped by for a break driving from San Diego to Sierra Vista. It's great to have friends there, just when you start. Thanks, Sharon and Jerry! Twas' a good night of music and fun with friends. Adios, for now!

Let's step to the past ... In 2006, Herbert had us perform at the Illertal club, and then he goes and wins the "Big Guy" competition on the platform at the Ulm train station when we left for Zurich ...

Way Out West playing in IllertalKoetz Friends of Country MusicHerbert and Slim

The fun, traveling in Europe is getting to the station a little ahead of schedule, having enough time to pick up some local cheese, bread, and wine. When you're on the train, there's plenty of time to enjoy the feast and watch the landscape flow by.

Best gig was in Thun, Switzerland in 2006. Thun has a bluegrass festival, on the lake the town sits on. To reach the stage and festival grounds, you cross a 100 foot, two-person bridge to an island that's a little larger than a baseball field. And in the evening, the moon rises over the Alps and shines on the water of the lake! Yeeha!

Way Out West on stage at Thun and Slim and Steady Eddie me and Steady Eddie, rock-solid bass player touring with an American C&W band that played the festival. And if you imagine me and Ed not in the picture, you see the lake, from behind the stage! The beer tent is in the other direction!

After the Thun festival, we went up to Solingen, Germany, to spend time with our friend, the wonderful bluegrass picker, Oliver Waitze. Oliver is a regular attendee at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, and he owns the New Acoustic Gallery (music studio, store, and performance center) in Solingen, Germany.

Germany and Switzerland, 2005 and 2006. Thanks to Herbert Shildhammer, who heads up the Illertal Cowboys, a club of Country and Western aficionados. Herbert got us our first gig in Germany in 2005, playing a 4th of July picnic for the American Legion at a Napoleonic era fortress! Here we are performing at the fort in 2005 and with friends in the Line Dance club from Illertal, Germany. (That is a German vitamin drink that Tom is holding.)

Way Out West at fort on 4th of JulyLine dance club in Illertal